2015 Season

Daytime Performances for the Whole Family
Limited Seats Available • Running time: 1 hour
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The Big Bolt Play for Children

Jimmi discovers what can happen when a seemingly unimportant but very big bolt is taken out of its intended place.
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Sarah the Dinosaur Play for Children

Sarah is tired of no one
listening to her and decides
that the best way to get attention
is to become a dinosaur.
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Pollyanna Theatre Company
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Here Comes Gosling
“As for “HERE COMES GOSLING“….my husband, a friend of ours and I brought Helena and a friend of hers to see the play. I thought our friend’s daughter would think it was “too baby” for her. I was pleasantly surprised to see our friend’s daughter belly laughing throughout the show. I believe that our older two children would have enjoyed it too. My husband and I were belly laughing as well. Adults and children thoroughly enjoyed it. Helena says, “It was super good!”
Lisa Hart

Too Many Frogs
“Everything about this performance, from the costumes to the set design, the dialogue to the pacing, held my youngest students captive throughout the show–almost a full 60 minutes! This was an event that will not soon be forgotten by our students.”
From a letter written to the City of Austin’s Cultural Contracts program

More Patterns
“This was the first theatre experience my nearly 4-year old had ever had. I was a little nervous about how he’d behave, but the director’s announcement in the beginning to “keep your thoughts in your head until after the show” really stuck. In fact, months later he still tells me to keep my thoughts in my head when he doesn’t want to be interrupted! The length of the show was perfect for his attention span, the costumes and set designs were like eye candy to him (and me!), and the actors did the incredible job of entertaining the adults in the room while captivating the children. My son can’t wait to see another show, and I can’t wait to take him!”
Theresa Misenti


Share the Experience!

We work all year round on original professional new play productions designed for children and families, but until our audience arrives for our premiere performance events, the magic of theatre does not happen!

In that respect, every single performance is unique. It happens only once between the imaginations of the people in an audience, the actors and story on the stage. We work every day to create the best stories we can, but we need you to bring your imaginative power to the experience in order for real theatre to happen.

So, teachers, caregivers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends, we ask that you meet us half-way.

Bring a child to see our plays at the Long Center, or bring us to your venue.

Together, we can create a more hopeful culture, for our children and our world!